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Iron & Wine – Walking Far From Home

[Edit: So, today I was trying to find this post on my blog, in anticipation for Iron & Wine’s new release out next week. After trying in vain, I found it… still languishing as a draft. Turned out I never actually hit the publish button. As such, most of you will have already heard this track, but for those who haven’t… well, it’s probably apt timing. Anyway, now this edit is just about longer than the actual post, so I’m just going to hit “Publish” now. Kthx.]

I was walking far from home
And I found your face mingled in the crowd
Saw a boat-full of believers
Sail off talking too loud, talking too loud

– Iron & Wine, Walking Far From Home

Love. This. It might take a few spins to get into (at least if you prefer your Sam Beam less synthy), but once you get into it, it’s just a wonderful, wonderful journey. And how cool is that “ooh” refrain to end with?

Listen: Iron & Wine – Walking Far From Home

“Walking Far From Home” is off Iron & Wine’s forthcoming “Kiss Each Other Clean”, due out Jan 25, 2011.

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