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Maggie Eckford – For What It’s Worth

Maggie Eckford

I’d like you to say hello to my new musical crush, Maggie Eckford.

Really, I’m not sure how this girl has passed under my radar until now, especially considering her debut album, “For What It’s Worth” actually came out in 2010. So, on that count, I want to thank Chris over at Bearsuit for putting her in front of me, because man… I am absolutely loving this girl’s tunes.
There’s just something about that voice that runs like honey, in the best kind of way.

Below is the newly-released video for the track, “Asleep”, and underneath that is – for me – the stand out track of the entire album, “For What It’s Worth”.
Seriously, keep your eye on Maggie Eckford… I can’t see this girl not blowing up.

Listen. Love. Support.

Listen: Maggie Eckford – For What It’s Worth

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