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Vic Chesnutt Documentary, “It Is What It Is” [VIDEO]

Michael Stipe has just announced that he is executive producing a new documentary on his late friend Vic Chesnutt.

According to REMhq:

Michael has signed on to executive produce plan9films Vic Chesnutt project It Is What It Is–a 90-minute plus concert documentary filmed in Canada during Vic’s last tour.

“Vic was one of the landmark artists and writers of our time,” said Michael. “The opportunity to extend his particular brilliance to a wider audience was the impetus to jump onboard this project.”

All I can say is, this is going to be a very, very difficult film to watch.

Below, you can watch an unmixed clip from the project, filmed in November 2009, just one month before Vic died of an apparent suicide.

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i have been trying to watch this vic chesnutt documentary for years. is it available anywhere complete?
i see there a 5 tracks from it on youtube

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