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Zach Rogue – Always like the Son

The best albums, in my opinion, come out of nowhere. When you enter the studio with some vague form of inspiration, but very little actual material. It’s just an incredibly free process. Which is why it’s no surprise to me that the first single from Zach Rogue’s new “Release the Sunbird” project – called “Always like the Son”, off the upcoming album “Come Back to Us” – is such joyous listening.

The press release says that Zach had no idea what was going to happen in the studio when he went in. He just knew that after four albums and near constant touring for Rogue Wave, he wanted to try something different. And you can honestly hear that exploration taking place in this tune. It’s a song that hearkens back to innocent times, and just what I need on this Saturday morning.

Listen: Release the Sunbird – Always like the Son

Come back to Us is due out July 26 via Brushfire Records.

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