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Children Collide – Loveless [VIDEO]

I have to admit, a few years ago I saw Children Collide open for the Hoodoo Gurus down at the Coolangatta Hotel… and while I could totally respect what they did on the stage, it just wasn’t my type of thing. But this track (and absolutely kickass video), Loveless, has me rethinking that.

Loveless is taken from Children Collide’s 2010 LP, “Theory of Everything”.

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I honestly believe if the type of genre they played was more popular they’d be more popular in australia. I think they’re a band

hang on a second….IS it a rip of the video BUCKET by DANE CERTIFICATE???!fucken hell,guys,why dont you get creative and come up with something your own….check out dane certificate-he is fucken awsome.cheers

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