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Robert Francis – Mescaline

You shoot up. Then you go to class. It’s funny how nobody asks. ‘Cause all your teachers love you. Everybody loves you. Everybody loves you the same way that I do. What a wonderful world we live in.

You’re a love disaster, your heart beats faster, when it’s with mine. You’re a likely story, morning glory on the vine.
– Robert Francis, Mescaline

For no other reason than I needed to hear something beautiful tonight.

Listen: Robert Francis – Mescaline

I first wrote about Robert nearly four years ago now, and I still find myself returning to his two albums time and time again. If you haven’t listened to One by One or its follow up, Before Nightfall, yet… make sure you do soon. This is music.

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This is a great song. Fantastic album. I completely agree- this is real music.

Maybe you’ll do a review when his new album comes out? :)

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