2011 releases

Michael Kiwanuka – I’m Getting Ready [STREAM]

Bloody hell. Sometimes all it takes is one song, and I’m bursting. And on a day when I could really use that “one song”, along comes Michael Kiwanuka’s, “I’m Getting Ready”. Just elegantly smooth, warm, and comforting, this is a tune that has brought me back from one of those lingering low points that you don’t even quite realise you’re in, until you feel yourself come back up.

“I’m Getting Ready”, the title track off Michael’s second EP, arrives alongside “I Need You By My Side” and “Any Day Will Do Fine” on September 18 on Communion Records.

2011 releases music videos

Avalanche City – Love Love Love [VIDEO]

I am totally crushing on this tune right now.

Love Love Love is the first single off Avalanche City’s ‘Our New Life Above The Ground’, which was released in April of this year, but which I am only getting into now.

2011 releases music videos

Ben Howard – London & Wolves [VIDEOS]

You know, it really is crazy to think that it’s already been two years since I originally tipped Ben Howard on this blog as one to watch, and I’m still eagerly awaiting the drop of his debut LP (due out in just a few months).

In the meantime, while we wait, here are a few videos that Ben’s recently released. First off, here’s a video of Ben performing his tune, “London” on a houseboat cruising the river Thames. Just because, y’know, we can…

And secondly, the brand new (well, released last month) video for Ben’s song “Wolves”, which two years ago I called “sheer perfection”.

2011 releases

“New” Ryan Adams – Shine Through the Dark [STREAM]

My days don’t get much better than when I get to put out posts regarding new Ryan Adams tunes. According Under The Mag where this premiered, “Shine Through the Dark” was recorded by Adams post-meltdown, while lying in bed with the flu. Our favourite artist, Mr DRA calls it “The first track I wrote after my retirement”.

I call it simply heavenly.

Below, stream Adams’ brand new solo acoustic tune. Shine Through the Dark will appear on benefit compilation Live From Nowhere Near You which you can preorder here.


Andy Hull – How I Waited

So if you’re a fan of Manchester Orchestra, and specifically Andy Hull, then you should probably stop reading right now, and head right on over to his new tumblr blog, Something For Somebody Somewhere.

The thing is an absolute treasure trove right now, with Hull posting streams and downloads of out-takes, demos solo tunes. Below, you can grab the just-posted “How I Waited”, and then head on over for more goodness.

Listen: Andy Hull – How I Waited

2011 releases

Kurt Vile – Baby’s Arms

You know, I tend to shy away from posting the “pitched” stuff on this blog. I like just going out there and finding things myself, rather than relying on being pitched material by label shills. So when the latest one came through saying “New music video filmed totally on Windows Phones”, I thought that this would be another one that I relegated to the “Deleted Items” folder.

Thankfully, I read on, because a few things stopped me. One, it was the video for Kurt Vile‘s new release, “Baby’s Arms”. Secondly, it was filmed by kick-ass photographer Todd Cole. Third… it’s a great bloody track.

Watch the video below, and download the track for free (well, the price of an email) below that.

Kurt Vile’s Smoke Ring For My Halo is out now on Matador Records.

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New Mumford & Sons – Home

Sophomore album pressure? Looks like Mumford & Sons don’t know the meaning of the term. Despite having that ever-so-slightly weighty debut release hanging over their heads, the boys show no signs of feeling anxiety. First they brought us that beautiful cover of England, and now – thanks to KBCOwe can hear this live take of their new tune, “Home”, which has been getting some spins on their latest tour.

“Home” will more than likely appear on Mumford’s second LP, which is rumoured to be out by the end of the year.

2011 releases

The Horrible Crowes – Black Betty & The Moon [PREVIEW]

Brian Fallon could pretty much play the nose flute, and I’d give it a listen to see how it goes. After all, the Gaslight Anthem were responsible for one of my “albums of the decade”, “The ’59 Sound”.
So when I heard that Brian had teamed up with Ian Perkins to form “The Horrible Crowes”, I was immediately interested. And when I heard Fallon describe their upcoming debut LP, Elsie, as am “experiment with the darker side of soul music”… well, I was pretty much sold.

So all I can say is, thank God this first preview of their work (a sample of the track, “Black Betty & The Moon” sounds so damn good. Because I would have been devastated if it didn’t.
Check out the first 90 seconds of the track below.