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James Blake & Bon Iver – Fall Creek Boys Choir [STREAM]

I was in two minds when I first heard this… and I suppose that I still am. But the more I listen to this tune, the more I think I get it.

James Blake and Justin Vernon seem like they would make for a magical match up, and this new collaboration from them could just confirm that. Uploaded to youtube earlier today, this tune, “Fall Creek Boys Choir” may seem too discordant at first, but give it time; it’ll sway you.

The youtube info states that “Fall Creek Boys Choir” will be available on iTunes next week (w/c 29th Aug 2011), but also tantalisingly goes on to add, “Enough Thunder – Oct 2011”. Could we see an EP/LP from the lads next month? Time will tell, but this song makes me hope so.

By Burgo

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5 replies on “James Blake & Bon Iver – Fall Creek Boys Choir [STREAM]”

Interesting one Burgo. I saw James Blake briefly at Splendour and struggled, but I actually don’t mind this song. Strange for me really because normally I end up liking a band more after seeing them perform live. Maybe I didn’t give him enough of a chance!

Understandable Hillsy… I know when I first heard it, I just thought the guys were having a laugh with autotune (and part of me still thinks that). But there’s definitely something else there that’s intriguing.

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