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4 years later, Jack Penate enters my life again.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over four years since I last wrote about Jack Peñate on this blog. At the time, Jack’s “Second, Minute or Hour” was probably one of my favourite tunes of 2007. But then he dropped off the radar for a while; in fact, since his 2009 release, “Everything is New”, I thought the guy had quit the music scene completely.

All that changed last week, when I noticed a link to a certain Youtube video floating around on the net. Jack’s back. And what a return.

After four years, it’s so good to hear the guy again. Those jangly guitars and that breathless delivery are still there; but it’s clear Jack’s grown up. I so cannot wait to hear what comes next.

Below, the video for Jack’s live performance of “No One Lied”. Give it a few spins. I have no doubt it will sneak up on you like it did me.

Download: Jack Peñate – No One Lied

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