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A New Look for Burgo’s Blog…

This is just a short note to let everyone know (not that you haven’t noticed already), that Burgo’s Blog now has an all-new look… the snazzy theme you’re looking at right now.

Last night, over the course of a very few frustrating hours, I decided that it was time to shake things up on the blog with a sleek new theme. Really, this blog is starting to take up more and more of my time, and I suppose the new look is a reflection of that, and a reflection of the potential that I feel this blog has. I hope you like it…

I just wanted to drop a quick shout-out to the theme’s creator, Magnus Jepson (see his site here). He’s a freelance web designer who creates some really stunning WordPress themes, and if you’re looking to overhaul your blog, I’d wholeheartedly recommend him. As I said, there were a few frustrating hours there, but Magnus was on hand to help out with anything that I had a problem with. So thanks, Magnus, for your patience.

Anyway, I’m off down the coast for the weekend, so posts will resume again next week. If you’re a regular reader of the blog, I’d really appreciate any thoughts you have on the new theme (like it, don’t like it, ambivalent?), so drop a comment below with your thoughts.

Thanks all, and have a great weekend.

By Burgo

Once upon a time was in a band. Now writes (all too infrequently) about good music at Burgo's Music Blog; about personal musings at The Home of Matt Burgess; and about marketing at Conversation Media.

6 replies on “A New Look for Burgo’s Blog…”

Hey Burgo, I do really love the new look, it looks so professional..LOVE it really! Magnus Jepson does a great job, of making the site look interesting to the eye, which draws you in, and it is also easy to read. I find some blogs very hard to follow, and they seem confusing, and when I get confused, I am apt not to read further. (Oh, you were following me on Twitter, but you wandered off. Did you get lost? LOL!)

@Matt – Thanks for that mate! It takes a while to get used to, but I hope everyone enjoys it. Side note; I loved your “Record Day” post, great stuff :)

@Skye – Thanks very much! I might be messing around with the fonts used in the next few days, so there will still be a tweak here or there, but generally I’m really happy with the way it turned out :) Whats you @twitter? I only really started a few days ago on there, and I haven’t “unfollowed” anyone that I can remember…

Hi Burgo,
Oops, I might have made a mistake on that Twitter thing, but I am following you, that is how I found your blog. I thought you were on my list. I am missing someone, and thought it was you but guess not. My name is @SkyeWolfie there on Twitter. It seems that I keep missing people, and not sure where they are going.

Well, I contacted Magnus Jepson, and dang, he isn’t taking on any other accounts. I just LOVE your page, and contacted him after reading this blog. I found out that he is too busy at this moment to help me. :(
Might you know of anyone else that does the same thing?
I did a horrible job of my page, since it is my first attempt at blogging.

I really need something professional looking since I will soon be authoring a new book. I have a deadline with a Publisher. I am finding it helpful to gather all my thoughts together on a blog, but mostly have more drafts than published blog entries.

@Skye – sorry to hear Magnus isn’t “taking on other accounts”. If you’re confident enough to install and tweak themes yourself, however, then you can simply purchase a theme on his page and install yourself?

Apparently it’s actually quite easy… I say this, knowing that I had troubles, but I suspect that might just have been a problem with my tech IQ (aka “lowest. number. ever.”)

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