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The New Twitter Video Song – Freelance Whales

You know, ever since the new twitter was released, a lot of people have been asking me if I’ve heard “that awesome new Twitter video tune… do you know who it is?”.

Well, yes. Yes, I do, actually. And actually, it’s reached the point where I’ve been asked so many times now, that I thought I would throw up this post. So if you reached this page looking for the answer, here it is:

The music used in the New Twitter video is a tune from kickass Queens, New York band: Freelance Whales.

(geddit? why twitter picked them? go on… freelance whales? twitter? fail whale? well, I found it a good choice anyway).

Freelance Whales are like some tightwire mixture of Death Cab/Postal Service/Sufjan, while somehow managing to not slip into the “Owl City” perils. And really, while I’m yet to see them reach the heights of “Hannah” or “Generator” again, you should try and get into them, ok?

The song in the Twitter vid is Freelance Whales’ track, “Generator ^ First Floor”, which can be found on their “Weathervanes” release, which actually came out earlier this year, via the Frenchkiss label.

I’ve embedded their “Weathervanes” widget below. Happy listening, you twitter lovers.

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