Burgo’s Thursday Mixtape – I Sank Under the Pressure

Alas, my old friend Mixwit is no longer, so I can’t embed this mixtape in a pretty package. But click the “play” icon next to the first track, and the tracks will play one after each other. Easy huh?

The “I Sank Under the Pressure” mix

1. Crystal Castles & Robert Smith – Not In Love

Probably the best thing Robert Smith’s produced in years, and the first time I’ve thanked Crystal Castles. Absolute heaven. This new version of “Not in Love” is the A-side of a single due out December 6 on Fiction.

2. William Fitzsimmons – So This Is Goodbye (Pink Ganter Remix)

I’ve written about William Fitzsimmons on this blog before, but it’s been a while since. It’s surprising that it’s a remix from Pink Ganter that’s brought me back to his stuff, but I’m glad it did.

3. The Black Keys – Everlasting Light

I don’t really need a reason to include this on this mix, do I?

4. Ben l’Oncle Soul – Seven Nation Army

Just a fun, fun cover. I’m a new convert to Ben l’Oncle Soul, but his brand of uptempo soul has me nodding my head non-stop.

5. The Mariner’s Children – It Carved Your Name Into The Ground

I wrote about the Mariner’s Children here, so I won’t rehash the post. Suffice to say this song is still getting some heavy rotation.

6. Matthew and the Atlas – I Will Remain

Another recent post, I’ll let you read that to get more background. Still one of my favourites of 2010 though.

7. First Aid Kit – Ghost Town

Seriously, the moment the vocals kick in in this tune, you just know it’s going to be a beautiful, beautiful track. It’s shocking to think that both these girls are still not even twenty.

8. Ragsy – Lonely

“You don’t know lonely at all…”. I was hooked right from the first refrain, and I’m seriously loving this tune. “Lonely” appears on Ragsy’s 2010 self-titled debut EP, which was released last month.

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