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Playing for Change – Change Is Gonna Come

I’ve mentioned the Playing for Change movement before on this blog. They’ve just released their latest episode, “Change Is Gonna Come”. And really, words aren’t needed to describe the power of this production. Instead, I’ll just quote directly from their site, and embed the video below. Past that, we’ll let the music speak for itself.

This performance demonstrates what happens when some of the musicians from “Stand By Me” meet and perform for the first time. This song was recorded live in New Orleans, and features Grandpa Elliot and Clarence Bekker on vocals. Thousands of people witness first hand the soul and conviction of two men who make us all believe a change is going to come.

Inspirational thoughts music music videos

Playing For Change – Stand by Me

You dig music. You must do, if you’re here. And I like to think that most of my regular readers here on Burgo’s Music Blog are a humanitarian bunch. So if you’re into helping change the world, and using music to do so… well, then you might find that the Playing For Change website is one you might want to check out.

Playing For Change is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect and bring peace to the world through music.

Yeah. That’s one lofty ideal. And they’re going to need all our help. So go ahead and visit.

Playing for Change are using music to connect the world, and are releasing numerous videos of musicians around the world, performing for PFC. You can see most of them on their site, or follow PlayingForChange on Youtube.

They recently released this video of musicians from around the world performing the classic tune, “Stand By Me”. It’s possibly one of the most hopeful videos I’ve watched this year. And when the various South African segments appear? Man… there’s a grin on my face that won’t die down right now.

Watch the video below… and if you can, help these guys out. As they say on the site:

Why join the movement? By joining our multimedia movement, you will be empowered to inspire and improve communities in need around the world through music.

  • Help us build and connect music schools around the world.
  • Empower students to create/share their music (student performances will be recorded, filmed and shared with members).
  • Enable collaboration between students of our new schools and students from established schools in the U.S. and abroad.
  • See and hear exclusive content from the global music film we have been building since 2001 only available to movement members.
  • Enjoy live performances by numerous established musicians who are contributing to this music movement (Manu Chao, Keb Mo, Vusi Mahlasela…).
  • Interact online with those you are positively impacting and others who are making a difference through music (community activity tools coming soon).

Your donations and/or purchases of music, film, and merchandise on and our retail partners (CD/DVD available through Hear Music Spring 2009) will directly help build, equip, staff and improve new and existing music schools around the world.

Thank you for joining (it takes literally under 30 seconds.

We will be in touch soon.

One Love,

PFC Family

‘Coz you know, we could all use a little hope right now.
Watch and support…