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Music for a rough morning-after…

Firstly, apologies for the lack of regular posting this week. I had my head buried in spreadsheets for most of it, and conferences took up the remainder. That said, the week is drawing to an end, and reports have been filed, so last night was a celebration.

Today? Today is the morning after.

So what am I listening to, feeling melancholic and slightly tender? Are you living through the morning after yourself? Then listen on, brother…

Destroyer – Foam Hands

Destroyer - Foam Hands

Dan Bejar, aka Destroyer, is one of the more prolific musicians about these days. From his work with New Pornographers, Swan Lake, Hello, and Blue Roses, many would have come into contact with his work at one time or another. However, in my opinion one of his musical outlets that has been criminally underrated, is his work put out under the “Destroyer” moniker.
Granted, it’s certainly not his most accessible work; but there’s definitely something there, even if it does take a listen or two to get into it.

This latest release, “Foam Hands” (from his forthcoming album, “Trouble In Dreams“) might be the track to change that, however. It’s certainly the most accessible of Destroyer’s releases to date, and just might be what most needed to drag them in deeper.

There’s something there that connects with me today.

I’m not the kind
to tell you what is true
and what is totally out of control.

Dan Bejar has this way of saying a lot; without needing to say very much at all. Here’s to more of this.

Listen: Destroyer – Foam Hands

The Republic Tigers – Building & Mountains

Republic Tigers - Buildings and Mountains

I think that The Republic Tigers are a band that automatically polarises opinion; people either wholeheartedly love them, or handle them with barely concealed disdain.
I’m of the former.

The Republic Tigers certainly challenge people. Combining elements of electronica, acoustic guitars, sweeping vocal harmonies, and epic lush texturing… well, it could be overwhelming. But it’s not. The Tigers manage the process with an aplomb that belies the fact that this track, “Buildings and Mountains“, is actually off their debut (yes, debut) forthcoming album, “Keep Colour”.

A track like this just exudes promise. I’ll certainly be waiting for their album with keen ears. When those breathy vocals kick in at the 0:30 second mark? Man…

Listen: The Republic Tigers – Buildings and Mountains

Tin Bangs – Your Sky Is Falling

Tin Bangs - Your Sky Is Falling

A strange choice, perhaps, considering the preceding two songs on this morning after. But I think Tin Bangs are a band to watch out for.

There’s something about this track, “Your Sky Is Falling“. The sense of urgency that Tin Bangs convey is certainly undeniable. In fact, I’ve heard it described as a sense of “god damn urgency”. That said, there’s something else hiding behind that urgency, to me. It’s not only urgent; it’s a sense of desperation. A sense of clutching at straws. A sense that this is our last chance. And the ultimate question… what have we done with it?

And if that’s not a suitable song for a morning after, then I don’t know what is.

Listen: Tin Bangs – Your Sky Is Falling