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Live Music Friday – Pete Francis, live at The Woodstock Opera House

So by now, if you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you would know my love affair with the band Dispatch. Dispatch was, I think, probably the first band that I really obsessed over. Ultimately, they were everything that I wanted to be in the music world; they were the epitome of my romanticised view of a world where bands played for the fans and for the music… not for the adulation or the money.
While my forays into the music world somewhat destroyed that dream, Dispatch were always the band that reminded me that, somewhere out there, the dream was alive. Even when they broke up, that dream lived on. As Pete said, in the “Last Dispatch” DVD, regarding their reunion concert in Boston:

If you believe in the drama, then you might say sadness; or you might believe in the immediacy of something ending. But I don’t believe in endings. You know, it’s like the magician doesn’t stop doing tricks. So it will be what it is, a proud and happy team to be here.

All of this is a somewhat convoluted preamble to introduce today’s Live Music Friday; an evening spent with Pete Francis at the Woodstock Opera House.

Live Music Friday - Pete Francis Live at The Woodstock Opera House

Pete Francis Heimbold, aka Pete Francis, was one of the three members that made up Dispatch. When they broke up, it was no surprise that I followed his solo efforts with extreme interest. While my musical tastes have changed in the last few years, at the time of their break-up, circa 2002, I seemed to identify most with Pete’s style of music.His song, “Untold”, still ranks in my top 10 list of favourite songs of all time. His surreal symbolism, and themes that revolved around emotions – love, regret, you name it – spoke to me in a way that few other artists did.

While State Radio – led by Chad Stokes – certainly seems to have been the band that has gained the most widespread attention – and deservedly so – in the post-Dispatch days , I feel like Pete Francis (and Braddigan, as well), have a lot to offer the music world that seems destined to fly somewhat below the radar. Perhaps that will change now that Pete’s new album, “Iron Sea & The Calvary”, is out; but, in the meantime, I thought I would try change that by posting this show.

This set took place in 2005 – when Pete performed at the Woodstock Opera House, alongside guitarist Bill Foster – and contains many Pete Francis favourites, such as “Burning the River“, “Father Rose“, “Carry You“, “Sandcastle City” and “Untold“. I hope you enjoy.

Listen. Love. Support.

Pete Francis & Bill Foster, Live at the Woodstock Opera House, 20/8/2005

1.) Town On Top Of Town
2.) Ride A Tear
3.) Burning The River (Intro)
4.) Burning The River
5.) Low Sun
6.) Stars Over The Country (Intro)
7.) Stars Over The Country
8.) Stones
9.) Julie (Intro)
10.) Julie
11.) Blueberries (Intro)
12.) Blueberries
13.) Carry You
14.) Coal Miner (Intro)
15.) Coal Miner
16.) Case Of Bad Love (Intro)
17.) Case Of Bad Love
18.) Two Coins
19.) All Eyes Look In
20.) Father Rose
21.) Sandcastle City (Intro)
22.) Sandcastle City
23.) Untold (Intro)
24.) Untold
25.) Hudson Dream (Intro)
26.) Hudson Dream

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These songs are amazing and so it Pete. Can’t wait for the shows with Braddigan.

@ Matt,
No problem man… if you haven’t heard much of Dispatch, I highly suggest checking some of their stuff out; perhaps “Bang Bang” to start off with?

@ Caitlyn,
Thanks so much for stopping by… glad that you enjoyed the show :)

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