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The Damnwells, ONE LAST CENTURY bonus track, “One Last Century”

Alex Dezen (image credit: Heather Conley)

So everyone’s still talking about The Damnwells‘ latest release, “One Last Century”, which was released through Paste Magazine (for free) on Tuesday. And why wouldn’t they still be talking about it? It is, quite simply, one of those albums. An album that was written just for you.

Alex Dezen has always had that special knack. A kind of effortless personality that connects with the listener, in a very personal way. And I think that this album, finally, is opening that up to a wider audience.

But Burgo, I hear you ask, this is all well and good, but why are you posting about this? Haven’t you already posted about the album release over here, at “Today is the day! Go download the Damnwells new album, “One Last Century” for free!“? What is this, just a recap?

Well, no… the reason I’m revisiting the topic is that today, Alex sent me the “exclusive track” that I’ve heard whispered. The b-side title track of the album, “One Last Century”. And I can’t stop listening to the damn thing.

It’s beautiful.

Rarely a song comes along that, for some reason, I can’t write about. But this is one of them. It simply knocks me over. I’m the feather, and Alex’s voice the breeze. I’m not sure where it’s taking me, but I can’t wait to find out.

So of course I had to share it with all of you. In keeping with Alex’s vision for this album… spread it around. Tell your friends. This song needs to be heard.

Listen. Love. Support.

Listen: The Damnwells – One Last Century (b-side title track)

6 replies on “The Damnwells, ONE LAST CENTURY bonus track, “One Last Century””

“I’m the feather, and Alex’s voice the breeze” with that sort of imagery, how could I NOT download it? And you were right. Please thank Alex for allowing you to make this available

Man White Squirrel the band really really sucks balls!!!! OMG! I mean you really have to try the dickens to suck balls that baddddddd!!!! Man I saw them play this show and I was’t even that drunk and it still sounded like a rusty trombone. Oh man they are about as craptastic as the the Lewisburg Walmart auto center. I mean sheeesh, what the dagone thing.

@Joey Rawsnake,
Ummm… ok?
(I think that could be the weirdest, most out of context comment this blog has ever received. Approved for posterity’s sake).

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