2014 releases

Raury – God’s Whisper

So this kid, Raury, is 17. And I’m telling you, from everything I’ve heard so far, the kid is just a natural, tidal wave force of music.

I just can’t believe the kid’s 17; there’s something otherwordly – and unstoppable – to this kid. Check him out soon.

2014 releases

FAIRCHILD – Burning Feet

It’s been about two years since I last wrote about FAIRCHILD, and in that time the band has gone through a few changes – not only have they dumped the “Republic” part of their name, but their sound has also grown in leaps and bounds. In my previous write-up, I worried that the group sounded too much like Two Door Cinema Club – but this track, “Burning Feet”, has a sound that’s all FAIRCHILD.

Good work, guys.

2013 releases

Jared & The Mill – Western Expansion

So, I totally slept on these dudes in 2013, but 2014 is seeing me hit Jared & The Mill’s debut album, “Western Expansion”, super hard.

There’s an energy in this album that’s just simply irrepressible, particulary in the opening trio of tracks, “Breathe Me In”, “Returning Half” and “In our Youth”, which – as an album opening – is just crazy strong. The album may lose its way temporarily in the second half, but as a debut album, Western Expansion is really, really exciting. Get on these guys now.


It’s been 20 years…

… and in all that time, I don’t think any music has ever come close to sounding as sincere as he did.

Below, the full MTV Unplugged concert, just because you should.