RIP Lucky Dube…

“Every number, represents a human being
who was a father, who was a mother
a son or a daughter of this land…oh
it ain’t worth my life…oh

you are here today, tomorrow you are gone
you don’t wanna be another number in the book”
Luck Dube, “The Other Side”

It is with heavy heart that we make this post; while we were offline, we have learnt that one of the lights of South African music, and indeed, a shining star of Reggae music in general, Lucky Dube, has been tragically gunned down and passed away in what is being called an “attempted hijacking”.


Dube was dropping off his children at a family member’s home when he was attacked by car thieves. Lucky is survived by a new wife and seven children.


Dube leaves behind a musical legacy second to none. His political questioning meant that Lucky sang for the people, wanting everyone to live together; in some dark times, he truly was a voice for the voiceless.


Wherever you are now Lucky; I hope it’s irie.

RIP Lucky Dube. 1964-2007.


By Burgo

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