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Tunes to tide you over… Brett Young, Brendan James and Jay Clifford

I’m off to Sydney for the rest of the week, and probably won’t manage to post until next week. I know, I’ll miss you too.

But to help stave off withdrawal symptoms, here’s a short – extremely short – but sweet tune trio.

Brett Young

Brett Young
Brett Young has just released his self-titled EP

Unbelievably, Brett Young is still, as of today, an unsigned artist. While I’m all for artists remaining independent – ala my all-time favourites, Dispatch – I find it absolutely mind-boggling that there hasn’t been more interest in this guy yet. A Newport Beach based musician – fitting, as he looks like he would fit right into an OC episode – Brett has a kind of Gavin deGraw vibe to him. There’s a soft, yet gritty quality to his brand of soul… and it’s damn promising from what I’ve heard.
His new, self-titled EP, a collection of 5 songs, is now available for download through Myspace. Head over to his page there for more details.

Listen: Brett Young – Remember Me This Way (live)

Brendan James

Brendan James
Brendan James features on “Body of War”

Brendan James – a Brooklyn based muso – is finally getting some major recognition, in large part due to his song, “Hero’s Song“, which has been included upon the super-star packed release (and I mean super-star packed… have you seen the featured artists?) “Body of War: Songs That Inspired an Iraq War Veteran“. It’s a ridiculously hopeful tune that sits in complete contrast to it’s lyrics… and is all the more powerful for it. With a voice that hints at years beyond his age, it’s hard to believe that his debut album, “The Day Is Brave”, is only coming out this year. Expect more from this guy.

Listen: Brendan James – Hero’s Song

Jay Clifford

Jay Clifford
Jay Clifford, of the now-defunct Jump, Little Children, is back.

Jay Clifford, once lead singer/songwriter of the now-sadly-defunct band, Jump, Little Children, is back, and pursuing a solo career. Much like Jump…, from the tunes I’ve heard so far, Jay is hit and miss with a lot of his stuff… but when it’s the “hit” option, it stays hit. This tune, “Mexico“, is actually a new version of one of his old tracks with Jump… and I like it. Currently touring with one of my favourite artists, Howie Day, and collaborating with that bastion of absolute hipness, Zach Braff, on a new music video… something tells me Jay Clifford’s going to be getting a lot more attention soon.

Listen: Jay Clifford – Mexico

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