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G Love – Fixin’ to Die

What do you get when you add one Garrett “G Love” Dutton, two serves of Avett Brothers, and one incredible vision? You get one friggin’ excited Burgo is what you get.

More importantly, you get the new G Love album, “Fixin’ to Die”, due out February 22, 2011 on Brushfire Records.

Before I get to the trailer, some background on my love for Garrett Dutton. First, you have to understand that this is a love affair going back about 12 years now. G Love has given me one of the best concerts of my life, and has always been one of my musical idols. I’ll let that post from two years ago do most of the talking, but I will pull out one particular part of it:

G Love is, to me, one of the most complete musicians of my era. While his brand of blues and funk sometimes seems interminable to those who need their songs packaged into 3:30 min format, to me G Love hearkens back to a time when a blues man knew what he was talking about. When a blues man paid his respects to those who came before him, but produced more than homage; an innovator. And someone slightly out of step with time.

Honestly, my feelings on the dude haven’t changed. I’d really suggest you read that past post, or perhaps look at my G Love Live Music Friday post for more information on the guy.

For now though, let’s look forward to the future… and the album that has me all worked up, with scarcely a tune released…

I seriously, 100 percent cannot wait for February to roll around. Sing on G, sing on.

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